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قمت بتعليم 71 طالب على نون حتى الآن، وانا أتطلع لتعليمك أنت أيضا

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بدأ منذ September 13!

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الفصل الاولGreen cities
We work in the community garden
We always work hard
Wael's favorite place in New York
The selfish giant
Donia's email to her friend Laila in Luxor
The present simple tense
الفصل الثانيWe are all different
He's very clever
We are proud of our school
Relative pronouns
Hare gets scared
Estimating numbers
Cats are the best pets
الفصل الثالثVacation plans
Let's go quad biking on Tuesday
If we book the tour today ,It's cheaper
Clauses with [if\when]
Prepositions of time
Fatima faces her fear
Nashwa's blog
Sharm El- sheikh an amazing holiday destination
الفصل الرابعCelebrate good times
Can you blow up some balloons
I'm studying hard for my exams
The present continuous Tense
Birthdays around the world
Estimating volume[math]
How to write a formal email invitation
الفصل الخامسAmazing journeys
He went by ship
A surprising discovery
The past simple Tense
Marco polo crosses the desert
The Mysterious Island
A trip down the Nile
Features of daily writing
الفصل السادسTaking care
Let's make candles
Ancient Egyptians ate well
Countable and uncountable nouns
Expressions of quantity
Some -any \ How many- How much
The Missing king
Ancient Egyptian Traditions
Salt dough recipe

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