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الفصل الاولplant needs
Activity 1 : Explain how the structures of a plant use water, air and light to perfom life processes
Activity 2 : Discuss with your child what the plant needs to grow and survive.
Activity 3 : Digital extension activity. ( growing the plant)
Activity 4 : Digital extension activity.( water in the desert )
Activity 5 : Discuss basic and not basic plant needs for photosynthesis.
Activity 6 : Help some seeds to germinate in a wet paper towel then compare their
growth to the growth of the other seeds which are placed in soil.
Activity 7: do an experiment to show the effect of light on plant growth.
Activity 8: Discuss some plant structures
Activity 9 : Discuss the different plant parts that take up and transport water, nutrients and air to make the plant food.
Activity 10 : do an experiment to observe how water and nutrients move from the roots to the leaves of a plant.
Activity 11 : think about the similarities and differences between the plant transport system and the human circulatory system.
Activity 12: Digital extension activity.( obtaining materials )
Activity 13 :Discuss how plants make their own food.
Activity 14 : Digital extension activity.( leaves and food production )
Activity 15: Discuss the function of flowers of plants.
Activity 16: think about ways of seed dispersal in nature.
"Activity 17: think like a scientist by answering a question about one of the main points of this concept "
Activity 18 :Digital extension activity.(farmer growing plants : irrigation
Activity 19 : review the main points in this concept.
الفصل الثانيenergy flow in the ecosystem
الفصل الثالثchanges in the food webs
الفصل الرابعmatter in the world around us
الفصل الخامسdescribing and measuring matter
الفصل السادسcomparing changes in matter

Grade (6) - First term السبت والثلاثاء الساعة ٨ مساءا

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