Class 12

🚀 April Batch | Part-II 🧮📐

By Vivek Mishra

About Teacher

I taught 359733 students on Noon so far, and I look forward to teaching you. Hi, I am Vivek Mishra, with 9 years of experience having taught over 50 thousand students online and offline , where more than 100s of Students have scored full marks, my student secured world rank 1 in International Mathematics,1000+ Students have scored top marks in various Entrance exams. I have taught at various leading offline institutes. Attend my interactive classes by joining your friends in this group and clear all your doubts anytime.

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Started from June 27!

Curriculum Progress

0/6 chapters complete
Chapter 1Trigonometric functions
Trignometric Equation and their Solutions
General Solutions
Solution of Triangle
Relation between the polar co-ordinates and the Cartesian co-ordinates
Solving a Triangle
The Sine rule
The Cosine rule
The Projection rule
Applications of the Sine rule, the Cosine rule and the Projection rule.
Inverse Trigonometric Functions
Principal Values of Inverse Trigonometric Functions
Properties of inverse Trigonometric functions
Chapter 6Application of Derivatives
Chapter 2Pair of straight lines
Chapter 3Indefinite Integrals
Chapter 4Definite Integrals
Chapter 5Applications of definite integral
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