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By Sachin Solanke

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I taught 246710 students on Noon so far, and I look forward to teaching you. "Hi,  I am Sachin Solanke with 5 years of experience and have taught over thousands of students online and offline, where many of my students have scored well and cleared various scholarship exams. I am a BE degree holder. I have taught in leading online and offline institutes and also have my own YouTube Channel. Attend my interactive classes by joining your friends in this group and clear all your doubts anytime."

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Started from July 28!

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2/4 chapters complete
Chapter 8Metallurgy
Chapter 9Carbon Compounds
Chapter 10Space Missions
Space Missions
Artificial satellites
Classification of artificial satellites
Orbits of artificial satellites
Satellite launch vehicles
Space missions away from the Earth
Chapter 4MCQs

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