🆓Science 2023 💡👩🏻‍🚀 Part III Math

By Ankush Zanwar

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I taught 362584 students on Noon so far, and I look forward to teaching you. Hi, I am Ankush Zanwar, with 11 years of experience and have taught over 15 thousand students online and offline, where I have helped 1000+ students clear JEE and 10000+ students clear MHTCET exams. I am a BTech in Computers and have taught at various leading Edtechs and leading offline institute. Attend my interactive classes by joining your friends in this group and clear all your doubts anytime.

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2/7 chapters complete
Chapter 4Complex Numbers
Chapter 7Differentiations
Chapter 6Limits
Meaning – Definition Of Limit
Method Of Factorization
Method Of Rationalization
Limit Of A Trigonometric Function
Substitution Method
Limits Of Exponential And Logarithmic Functions
Limit At Infinity
Chapter 1Conic sections
Chapter 2Measures of Dispersion
Chapter 3Probability
Chapter 5Sequence and Series

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