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Arabic Language Course

By Muhammad Haris Butt

About Teacher

Muhammad Haris Butt

Teaching 3049+ students

I taught 3434 students on Noon so far, and I look forward to teaching you. I am Muhammad Haris and graduated from Jamia Abi Bakar Al-Islamia I have completed my Master's Degree from Karachi University and I am teaching the Arabic language since 2010.

About Group

Group Duration

Started from June 06!

Curriculum Progress

4/5 chapters complete
Chapter 1Greeting and Introduction / التحية والتعارف
Chapter 2The Family / الأسرة
Chapter 3The Accommodation / السكن
Chapter 4Daily life / الحياة اليومية
Chapter 5Food & Drink / الطعام والشراب
Book Conversation Practice
Prepositions | حروف الجر
Past & Present Tense | الفعل الماضي والمضارع

We will learn the basic Arabic language with fun activities. Join Monday - Thursday at 2pm.

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