Early Preparation Sessions (Exams 2023)

By Amna Sadiq

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Amna Sadiq

Teaching 3793+ students

I taught 4141 students on Noon so far, and I look forward to teaching you. My name is Amna Sadiq. As far as my studies are concerned, my most recent degree is M. Phil Mathematics. I started my professional career as a teacher. I got hired by many renowned organisations. Initially I worked with RPS&C after that I've been hired by the IUB as a lecturer. Afterwards i worked with Sadiq Public School Bahawalpur and with the KIPS academy BWP. And then worked in the Government Sadiq Women College University of Bahawalpur.

About Group

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Started from July 04!

Curriculum Progress

5/5 chapters complete
Chapter 1Matrices & Determinants
Chapter 2Real & Complex Numbers
Chapter 3Logarithms
Chapter 7Join Plus Sessions for Full Syllabus.
Chapter 12Line Bisectors & Angle Bisectors

This group is of Mathematics – Grade 9 – KPK board and for students appearing in exams in 2023.

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