🧬Exams 2023 Exclusive Test Session

By Syeda Amira Rizvi

About Teacher

Syeda Amira Rizvi

Teaching 360+ students

I taught 19083 students on Noon so far, and I look forward to teaching you. Assalam-o-Alaikum , Iam Dr. SYEDA AMIRA RIZVI . I'm a PHARMACIST by Profession, a PUBLIC SPEAKER, A BLOGGER, and a TEACHER by PASSION. I have been associated with teaching profession for the past 8 + YEARS and giving my services at different reputable Institutes to shape future of this nation. I am here to share with you all , whatever I have learned until now . I hope we all will have a great time together.

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Group Duration

Started from March 08!

Curriculum Progress

5/6 chapters complete
Chapter 1Introduction
Chapter 2Biological Molecules
Chapter 3Enzymes
Chapter 4The cell
Chapter 5Variety of life
Chapter 14Transport
Need For Transport Of Materials
Transport In Plants
Ascent Of Sap
Types Of Transpiration
Opening And Closing Of Stomata
Translocation Of Organic Solutes
Transport In Animals
Circulatory System
Transport In Man
Lymphatic System
Immunity - And Its Types

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