productGrade 11 English

(Free) -Biology

By Bhushan Hatwar

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Started from August 30!

Curriculum Progress

4/6 chapters complete
Chapter 3Cell Structure and Function
Chapter 2 Structural Organisation in Animals and Plants
Chapter 5Human Physiology
Chapter 6Excretory products and their elimination
Chapter 4Plant Physiology
Transport in plants
Movement of water, gases and nutrients
Cell to cell transport– Diffusion, facilitated diffusion, active transport
Plant – water relations– Imbibition, water potential, osmosis, plasmolysis
Long distance transport of water– Absorption, apoplast, symplast, transpiration pull, root pressure and guttation
Transpiration– Opening and closing of stomata
Uptake and translocation of mineral nutrients– Transport of food, phloem transport, Mass flow hypothesis
Diffusion of gases (brief mention)
Mineral nutrition
Essential minerals, macro and micronutrients and their role
Deficiency symptoms
Mineral toxicity
Elementary idea of Hydroponics as a method to study mineral nutrition
Nitrogen metabolism – Nitrogen cycle, biological nitrogen fixation
Photosynthesis as a means of Autotrophic nutrition
Where does photosynthesis take place
How many pigments are involved in Photosynthesis (Elementary idea)
Photochemical and biosynthetic phases of photosynthesis
Cyclic and non cyclic photophosphorylation
Chemiosmotic hypothesis
C₃ and C₄ pathways
Factors affecting photosynthesis
Exchange of gases
; Cellular respiration – glycolysis, fermentation (anaerobic), TCA cycle and electron transport system (aerobic)
Energy relations – Number of ATP molecules generated
Amphibolic pathways
Respiratory quotient
Plant growth and development
Seed germination
Phases of plant growth and plant growth rate
Conditions of growth
Differentiation, dedifferentiation and redifferentiation
Sequence of developmental process in a plant cell
Growth regulators–auxin, gibberellin, cytokinin, ethylene, ABA; Seed dormancy
Chapter 1 Diversity in Living World

In this group, Bhushan sir will cover NCERT - Class 11 -Biology. The class will start on 30th August and be happening every day at 18:00.

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