Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure

Hydrogen bonds are formed in many compounds e.g., H2O, HF, NH3. The boiling point of such compounds depends to a large extent on the strength of hydrogen bond and the number of hydrogen bonds. The correct decreasing order of the boiling points of the above compounds is : (i) HF > H2O > NH3 (ii) H2O > HF > NH3 (iii) NH3 > HF > H2O (iv) NH3 > H2O > HF

Solution: Option (ii) is the answer.

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Polarity in a molecule and hence the dipole moment depends primarily on electronegativity of the constituent atoms and shape of a molecule. Which of Does the following have the highest dipole moment? (i) CO2 (ii) HI (iii) H2O (iv) SO2

H2O has a high dipole moment because Oxygen is highly electronegative. This attracts the electron from Hydrogen towards it with greater charge. Therefore, H2O...

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Isostructural species are those which have the same shape and hybridisation. Among the given species identify the isostructural pairs. (i) [NF3 and BF3] (ii) [BF4- and NH4+] (iii) [BCl3 and BrCl3] (iv) [NH3 and NO3-]

From a structural standpoint, we can see that, NF3 is pyramidal whereas BF3 is planar triangular. BF4- and NH4+ ions are tetrahedral in structure. BCl3 is triangular planar and BrCl3 is...

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