Exercise 20D

A hemi-spherical bowl of internal radius 9 cm is full of liquid. This liquid is to be filled into conical shaped small containers each of diameter 3 cm and height 4 cm. How many containers are necessary to empty the bowl?

Radius of hemispherical bowl = 9 cm \[Volume\text{ }=\text{ }2/3\text{ }\pi {{r}^{3}}~=\text{ }2/3\text{ }\pi {{9}^{3}}~=\text{ }2/3\text{ }\pi \text{ }x\text{ }729\text{ }=\text{ }486\text{ }\pi...

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The radii of the internal and external surfaces of a metallic spherical shell are 3 cm and 5 cm respectively. It is melted and recast into a solid right circular cone of height 32 cm. find the diameter of the base of the cone.

Height of the solid right circular cone = 32 cm Internal radius metallic spherical shell = 3 cm External radius spherical shell = 5 cm the volume of the spherical shell \[\begin{array}{*{35}{l}}...

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