1. Differentiate between
1. Differentiate between

(a) Respiration and Combustion

(b) Glycolysis and Krebs’ cycle

(c) Aerobic respiration and Fermentation


a)Respiration and Combustion

It is a biochemical processIt is a physicochemical process.
Temperature stays lowTemperature drastically raises
It’s found in living cells.It is a non-cellular process
Energy entrapped in the form of ATPThe combustion process does not necessitate the use of ATP.

b) Glycolysis and Krebs’ cycle

GlycolysisKrebs Cycle
The first step in respirationThe second step in respiration
Takes place in cytoplasmTakes place in mitochondria
Occurs both aerobically and anaerobicallyOccurs only in aerobic
Two ATPs are consumedATPs are not consumed
The net gain is 8 ATP’sThe net gain is 24 ATP’s
It is a linear pathwayIt is a circular pathway

c) Aerobic respiration and Fermentation

Aerobic respirationFermentation
Included in the exchange of gasesDoes not include exchange of gases
Aerobic respiration necessitates the presence of oxygen.For the fermentation process to work, there should be no oxygen present.
Respiratory material is completely oxidisedRespiratory material is incompletely oxidised
The end products are inorganicAt least one product is organic