How is biodiversity important for ecosystem functioning?
How is biodiversity important for ecosystem functioning?

Importance of Biodiversity:

1. An ecosystem is more stable when it has a high species diversity when compared to a low species diversity ecosystem.

2. Higher biodiversity causes the environment to be more stable in production, which is why it is more resistant to disturbances such as floods or invasion of unknown species.

3. The ecological balance of biodiversity-rich ecosystem remains unchanged.

4. Different trophic levels are linked to food chains, a single body disease at any trophic level can affect the entire food chain. For example, if crops are destroyed in the food chain, that will create inequality in the world of edible plants due to food shortages.

Thus, the ecosystem is rich in species, each tropic level will have diets that can increase the quality of life of the organizations. Therefore, biodiversity plays an important role in maintaining the health and environmental balance of the ecosystem.