Write a brief note on Parturition.
Write a brief note on Parturition.

Answer: Parturition is the process of fully mature young ones being expelled from their mother’s uterus. It is brought on by the neurological system as well as hormones. The signals of childbirth come from a fully formed foetus and placenta, which cause FOETAL EJECTION REFLEX, which are minor uterine contractions.

It stimulates uterine contractions by causing a rapid release of oxytocin from the maternal pituitary, which is known as LABOUR PAINS. Relaxin is a hormone produced by the placenta that increases the flexibility of the pubis symphysis and the uterus’s cervix. The timing of birth is determined by the corticotropin releasing hormone secreted by the placenta.

There are three phases to parturition.

Stage of dilation

Stage of ejection.

Stage of the placenta.