Exercise 6C

A girl goes to her friend’s house, which is at a distance of 12 km. She covers half of the distance at a speed of x km/hr and the remaining distance at a speed of (x + 2) km/hr. If she takes 2 hrs 30 minutes to cover the whole distance, find ‘x’.

Given, The young lady covers a distance of 6 km at a speed x km/hr. Along these lines, the time taken to cover initial 6 km \[=\text{ }6/x\text{ }hr\] [Since, Time = Distance/Speed] Likewise given,...

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The speed of an ordinary train is x km per hr and that of an express train is (x + 25) km per hr. (i) Find the time taken by each train to cover 300 km. (ii) If the ordinary train takes 2 hrs more than the express train; calculate speed of the express train.

(i) Given, Speed of the conventional train \[=\text{ }x\text{ }km/hr\] Speed of the express train \[=\text{ }\left( x\text{ }+\text{ }25 \right)\text{ }km/hr\] Distance \[=\text{ }300\text{ }km\] We...

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