CBSE Maths Class 11 Syllabus
CBSE Maths Class 11 Syllabus

Class 11th is considered to be one of the primary stages of higher education. You need to learn many new things and brush up on your old skills to prepare for the journey ahead. All subjects are important when you are in class 11th as they prepare you for the future. However, some subjects are more important, and you will need them throughout your life.

Maths is one such subject. The concepts you study in class 11th in Maths are most likely to help you throughout your career. You should check out the CBSE maths class 11 syllabus to check out the topics covered in that grade. The Central Board or CBSE is the organizing body of this exam. This article will help you understand the CBSE Maths Class 11 Syllabus. For passing these exams, you need to prepare and study the topics mentioned in the NCERT Maths Class 11 Syllabus 2021. Only if you know, the topics of class 10th well can you take up Maths in 11th. The maths class 11 syllabus is linked to the class 10th syllabus and hence understanding the 10th syllabus is a prerequisite.

Theory Syllabus of CBSE Class 11 Maths

The Maths Class 11 Syllabus is very diverse. It is a mix of different sections and topics that will prepare you for advanced mathematics in the future.

Sr. No.TopicsSubtopicsWeightage
1.    Sets and Functions路     Empty Sets 路     Finite and Infinite Sets 路     All other kinds of sets 路     Venn Diagrams 路     Union and Intersection of Sets 路     Ordered Pair and Cartesian Products of sets 路     Relation: Domain, Co-Domain, Range of a relation 路     Functions 路     Trigonometric Functions23
2.    Algebra路     Complex Numbers and Quadratic Equations 路     Statement of Fundamental Theorem of Algebra 路     Sequence and Series 路     Arithmetic Progression and Arithmetic Mean 路     Geometric Progression and Geometric Mean 路     Linear Inequalities 路     Graphical solutions of Linear Inequalities 路     Permutations and Combinations30
3.    Coordinate Geometry路     Straight Lines 路     2-Dimensional Geometry 路     Slopes and angles 路     Various forms of Equations of a line 路     Sections of a cones 路     Parabolas, Ellipses, and Hyperbola 路     Standard equation of a circle10
4.    Calculus路     Limits of Polynomials and Rational Functions 路     Derivatives05
5.    Statistics and Probability路     Measure of Dispersion 路     Probability, Random Experiments10
6.    Mathematical Reasoning路     Consolidations and Implications of Mathematical statements 路     Use of connecting words, contradictions, Converse, etc.02
 Total Theory 80
 Internal Assessment 20

Summary of Theory Syllabus

The CBSE Maths Class 11 Syllabus is quite comprehensive as it covers all the aspects of advanced Mathematics. There are about six main topics that form the core of Maths Class 11 Syllabus 2021. All of these chapters have several subheadings that also need to be covered. It is easy to score marks in the Algebra and Statistics sections. Once you are clear with the basics, you can move to specific topics.

All of these subheads have a list of formulas. You can either memorize them or understand their derivation to solve the questions related to the topics. All of these sub-topics have a specific type of question format allotted.

Calculus is an entirely new concept for people studying in class 11th.  Therefore, you must lay some emphasis on understanding the topic. Also, if you try and understand all the aspects of calculus now, it will help you in class 12th.

CBSE Class 11th Maths Internal Assessments

The CBSE Maths Class 11 Syllabus also includes a practical exam element. This is a new addition to the Maths Class 11 Syllabus 2021. Different schools have different ways of taking internal assessments. Mostly, the schools take 2-3 periodic tests and then rate the students out of 10 based on those tests.

The remaining ten marks are also assigned excitingly. Nowadays, schools are conducting several mathematical activities to understand if the children can use the formulas and methods learned practically.

Periodic tests are like basic tests that include questions as per the discretion of the subject teacher of that particular school. A routine test contains all kinds of questions ranging from a one-marker question to a long answer question. These tests are a holistic approach to understand the knowledge base and the skill set of the candidates. These tests also weigh if the students have understood the topic.

There are no fixed timings of a periodic test. The school can conduct the same according to their wish. A school can conduct about three routine tests. It can then decide if they want to consider the marks of the best of 3 tests or the average of all three tests.

There is an NCERT Lab Manual that forms a part of the NCERT Maths Class 11 Syllabus 2021. Several activities on Mathematics are listed there. You can choose to do any 190 activities throughout the year based on the manual. The school will then conduct a test to understand the level in terms of practical exercises.

Summary of the Practical Exam

There are two primary components of a practical Mathematics exam in class 11th. The first one is the periodic test that can be conducted anytime by the school or the teacher. The 2nd one is the activities listed on the lab manuals that have to be practised and conducted. A surprise test can be taken on this anytime, anywhere.

FAQs of Class 11 CBSE Maths

1. Which board is the most popular body that conducts exams?

The CBSE board is considered to be one of the most prestigious and popular boards in the country. BBSE stands for Central Board of Secondary Examination. The board is directly handled by the government and has English and Hindi as their most popular mediums. Only if the school is affiliated with the CBSE board can you appear for this particular exam.

2. What essential topics from the CBSE maths class 11th syllabus are covered in the 11th CBSE exams?

All the topics are essential if you are preparing for your exams. However, specific topics hold more importance as compared to others. The primary topics that form a part of the NCERT syllabus are as follows:

路     Sets and Functions

路     Algebra

路     Coordinate Geometry

路     Calculus

路     Statistics and Probability

路     Mathematical Reasoning

You must also read all the sub-topics very carefully if you want to score well in the exams.

3. Are there any changes in the exam pattern of class 11th?

There are no significant changes highlighted in the new question paper and the exam syllabus. However, the weightage of several topics has changed in the exam syllabus. Also, the element of practical exams and practice tests have been made mandatory from here on. This is done so that the student is never out of practice and is well versed with the concepts at all times.

4. Is there any referenced document for the activities conducted as a part of the practical submission?

All the reference activities that are conducted in school come from the NCERT handbook. Therefore, the book is considered before setting up any of these activities in school. As a student, you too can go through the book to understand the types of activities that happen in your college. You can also use this handbook to practice the kind of questions asked during the activity.