ICSE Maths Class 12 Syllabus
ICSE Maths Class 12 Syllabus

Class 12 is an essential milestone in a student’s academic career. A student with good academic records has many more alternatives than a student with poor grades because the student will meet the requirements of various jobs, including MNCs. As a result, students studying for the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) must reference the ICSE curriculum for Class 12 to ensure that they have covered all of the chapters and concepts and have not forgotten anything.

We have obtained the ICSE Maths Class 12 Syllabus to aid them, comprising both theory and project work. A thorough comprehension of the ICSE Maths Class 12 Syllabus 2021 will also assist students in developing an effective test study schedule that allows them to cover all of the topics in a fair amount of time while still leaving time for review. The question paper pattern, including project work, is also covered for better understanding.

There will be two papers on the Math subject. The first will be a theoretical paper, and the second will involve project work.

Paper-I will be an 80 marks theory paper with a 3-hour time restriction.

Paper-II will be a project earning 20 marks.

ICSE Maths Class 12 Syllabus Paper I Unit-wise Marks Distribution

There are three sections to the ICSE Maths Class 12 Syllabus: A, B, and C.

All candidates must complete Section A. Candidates will attempt either Section B or Section C questions.

Section A (65 marks): Candidates must attempt all of the questions. The internal choice will be provided in the form of two two-mark questions, four-mark questions, and six-mark questions.

• Section B/ Section C (15 marks): Candidates must attempt all questions from either Section B or Section C. Internal choice will be presented in one two-mark question and one four-mark question.

 Section A: 65 Marks 
Sr. No.UNITTotal Weightage
 Relations and Functions10 Marks
 Algebra10 Marks
 Calculus32 Marks
 Probability13 Marks
 Section B: 15 Marks 
Sr. No.UNITTotal Weightage
 Vectors5 Marks
 Three – Dimensional Geometry6 Marks
 Applications of Integrals4 Marks


 Section C: 15 Marks 
Sr. No.UNITTotal Weightage
 Application of Calculus5 Marks
 Linear Regression6 Marks
 Linear Programming4 Marks

TOTAL: 65 + 15 = 80 Marks

The tables above illustrate how each topic in the ICSE Maths Class 12 Syllabus 2021 is weighted and how they should get clumped for the best outcomes. For example, units 3 and 4 (Calculus and Probability) have the most significant weighting of 32 and 13 marks, respectively, and should get priority.

Units 1 and 2 are worth ten marks individually, for a total of twenty marks. Each of Units 6 — Three-Dimensional Geometry and Unit 9—Linear Regression is worth six marks. Moreover, Units 5–Vectors and Unit 8–Application of Calculus is worth five marks each. Finally, Units 7 and 10 (Application of Integrals and Linear Programming) are worth four marks.

The number of hours necessary to cover each unit’s and chapter’s syllabus varies. Students must take this into account before studying for the exam. Apart from that, students should try to apply real-world problems as feasible when it comes to math. Math can be somewhat abstract at times, so looking for a practical application might help them shift their viewpoint and integrate information in a new way.

Furthermore, candidates should never attempt to memorize the steps required to solve a mathematical problem. It will have the opposite effect. It is far more important to concentrate on comprehending the process and reasoning that underpins it. They should be familiar with the essential concepts to gain a strong understanding of the subject.

ICSE Maths Class 12 Syllabus Paper II

Candidates must complete two projects, one from Section A and the other from either Section B or Section C.

The subject teacher and a Visiting Examiner nominated locally and approved by the Council will assess the project work.

Each project receives a ten-mark allocation:

Overall Format1 Mark
Content4 Marks
Findings2 Marks
Viva-voce based on the Project3 Marks
Total Marks:10 Marks

The Council has suggested a few topics for project work, which are listed below.

Section A

  • Demonstrate an invertible function using a graph.
  • Using a unit circle, find the principal value of the function sin-1 x (or any other inverse trigonometric function).
  • Using the geometrical significance of dy/dx, explain the concepts of increasing and decreasing functions. Use appropriate examples to demonstrate your point.
  • Demonstrate the concept of a definite integral by expressing it as the limit of a sum and validating it through integration.
  • Using appropriate examples, explain conditional probability, the total probability theorem, and Bayes’ theorem concept.

Section B

  • Find the area of a parallelogram/triangle using vector algebra. Also, calculate the area analytically and double-check it.
  • Determine a line’s image concerning a given plane.
  • Determine the area enclosed by a parabola and an oblique line.

Alternatively, any other pair of curves specified in the syllabus may get taken.

Section C

  • Roughly sketch out Cost (C), Average Cost (AC), and Marginal Cost (MC)


Revenue (R), Average Revenue (AR), and Marginal Revenue (MR).

  • Using the least-squares method, find regression equations for a given set of data.
  • Formulate a linear programming problem (LPP) to find the optimum cost using any suitable data.

Fundamentally, the ICSE Maths Class 12 Syllabus 2021 intends to develop learners’ conceptual competency and help them comprehend the relationships and interconnections between Maths and other disciplines.

We hope that our ICSE Maths Class 12 Syllabus article has been helpful to students in their studies. In addition, knowing the ICSE Maths Class 12 Syllabus 2021 would also aid them in developing an appropriate study plan for the exam.

FAQs of ICSE Maths Class 12

Q1. Is the ICSE Maths Class 12 Syllabus consistent throughout time?

A1. No, because certain adjustments are made to the syllabus regularly to meet the needs of contemporary situations, the ICSE Maths Class 12 Syllabus does not remain constant.

Q2. Is it necessary to go through all of the topics in the ICSE Maths Class 12 Syllabus 2021?

A2. Yes, all of the subtopics listed in the syllabus must get covered. The subtopics get included to help students grasp and interpret the curriculum for a better result.

Q3. Is there a difference in the ICSE Maths Class 12 Syllabus for Commerce and Science students?

A3. No, there is no difference. The ICSE Maths Class 12 Syllabus 2021 is the same for Commerce and Science.

Q4.What should I do to prepare for ICSE maths?

A4. Each lesson must get reviewed at least once. Keep in mind the exam style, chapter weighting, and the types of questions commonly asked when revising the subject. First, solve a couple of sets of sample papers in exam-like situations using the same exam design. Then, apply the same strategy to all of the chapters.

Q5. Is ICSE math complicated?

A5. Math is one of the most challenging subjects. The ICSE Mathematics exam is three hours long. Before starting, students should familiarise themselves with the ICSE Mathematics Syllabus and Exam Pattern.