UP Board Biology Class 11 Question Papers
UP Board Biology Class 11 Question Papers

UP Board is considered one of the challenging education boards in India. Therefore, students of the UP board cover every topic diligently and do not dare to skip any chapter!

The educational sector has shaken up due to the pandemic, but this has not halted the academics scenario. After all, exams are getting held, and classes are getting conducted online. Thus, students continue to experience the same pressure they used to before the pandemic to achieve only the best examination score even now. Therefore, it looks like no pandemic can make you suffer in academics.

We all know how important the grades of higher studies are. Students cannot take a chance because grades cannot get undone, and one has to carry the same marks throughout their life.

The stream one opts for in the higher studies plays a significant role. One has to keep the roots strong, and thus a good knowledge regarding higher academics is non-negotiable. To your rescue, UP board biology class 11 question papers are there.

A single wrong step or any carelessness can make the students suffer for their entire life. Hence, it gets advised to cover every topic of all the chapters accordingly.

A planned structure of timetable, followed by solving some previous years UP board biology class 11 question papers, can boost up the confidence of students and help them gain deep insights into the syllabus.

Content of up Board Biology Class 11 Previous Year Question Paper

Going through the previous year’s question paper and solving it honestly can give students a reality check about where they stand and how well their preparation is.

Solving previous year’s question papers can help students in numerous ways.

Here is a detailed pattern of the UP BOARD BIOLOGY CLASS 11 QUESTION PAPER; it will reveal how the questions get segregated into different sections and how many marks they hold. Also, students will get an idea about how many words are required to be written in each section. It will help students to know how much time each section will require.

Marking Scheme as Per the up Board Class 11 Biology Syllabus 2020-21

1Diversity in the Living world7
2Structural organization in animals and plants12
3Cell: Structure and Cell15
4Plant Physiology18
5Human Physiology18

The in-depth analysis of the UP Board biology class 11 question paper marks helps students focus on what is important and tells them how many marks the units carry.

It helps students to study accordingly. Planning and focus shall get done as per the shared structure.

Students should make handwritten notes and revise the concepts by heart. Biology is a subject that you cannot mug up. All the concepts and theories should be learned accordingly. 

Things to remember: Since UP Board Biology Class 11 question paper consists of theory-based questions including diagrams with label and conceptual knowledge answers, students shall carry required stationary and manage the time accordingly.

Usually, answers including diagrams take a lot of time, and hence students might face difficulties in completing the entire paper. It gets suggested to complete the diagram questions while managing time for other questions, or such questions can be attempted in the end.

The segregation of marks required the right content with the stipulated word limits. Hence, students should be cautious and should not cross the word limit.

The word limit gets considered while writing short answers and long answers.

Note: Writing extra should never be the motto, but writing what is asked and explaining it accordingly shall be the priority.

Writing the conceptual answers while giving priority to the NCERT will help the students to a great extent.

Up Board Class 11 Biology Exam Preparation Tips

Before picking up the pen and starting your preparation, check out some vital tips framed by Noon Academy to help you score good grades in your UP BOARD BIOLOGY EXAM

After going through the marking structure, students might start making strategies to crack the UP Board biology exam with good grades.

For saving time and working smartly, students need to refer to Uttar Pradesh Board Biology class 11 previous year question papers 2021 to get an idea about the structure of the paper.

To enhance your studies and to work smartly, check out these great tips:

Biology is a subject in which a student cannot skip any topic or chapter. Every little concept, every definition, every diagram has its importance. Hence, students get suggested to not skip anything and follow the syllabus and the marking scheme framed by the UP BOARD, and study accordingly.

All the major headings of the NCERT shall be taken into consideration and gone through at least twice.

Practicing previous year’s question papers helps in a million ways, and here are some advantages that you as a student shall not miss out on. Students will get a reality check after practicing the previous year’s board papers. Not only this, practicing exam question papers help in the following manner as well:

  • Understanding the question framing and marks distribution
  • Time management
  • Getting an idea about mostly asked topics
  • Gain insight into your preparation
  • Increasing the writing speed
  • Making you more confident
  • Understanding the way of framing answers
  • Getting a clear picture of your weaknesses and topics that are less prepared
  • Minimizing exam fear
  • Making you practice diagrams with label

We know how essential it is to solve Uttar Pradesh Board Biology class 11 previous year question papers 2021. After going through these points, students must get an idea about how crucial it is to make a habit of solving Uttar Pradesh Board Biology class 11 previous year question papers 2021.

Up Board Class 11 Biology Syllabus for Practical

FAQs of Class 11 Biology

Q1. Is there any update regarding the reduction in the biology syllabus for class XI by the UP Board?

Ans. Yes, considering the current scenario and due to the pandemic and its severe impact, the Uttar Pradesh state board has announced a reduction of 30% for the upcoming state board exams. 

Q2. In the announced reduced syllabus, which chapters got discarded from the Uttar Pradesh state board biology syllabus?

Ans. Deleted chapters include chapters no. 6, 11, 12, 13, 14, and 16. Students can expect no questions from these chapters. 

Also, it is advised to the students to go through the updated Uttar Pradesh Biology class 11 syllabus to get clarity about the removed chapters.

Q3. How to get access to the detailed latest UP Board class 11 biology syllabus?

Ans. Students can get access to the updated UP Board class 11 biology syllabus by visiting the website of Noon Academy. 

Q4. What are the recommended books for students to use for studying class 11 Biology exam?

Ans. The most used and followed book is NCERT. Further, as per the latest guidelines issued by the UP Board, the NCERT book for class 11 biology students is apt and sufficient to score well.